The English Channel, there and back, twice, non-stop! Yes, that was Stuart Fullers history making achievement as a part of Big Ricks six-person relay team as they became the first team from Europe EVER to successfully make the non–stop four-way relay crossing of the Channel.

The team began their attempt at 3:20am on Sunday 2nd September from Samphire Hoe Beach, Dover and swam to France and back twice, keeping the same relay order throughout the challenge and swimming in
hour slots. They finally arrived back in England for the second time, after a particularly grueling fourth leg at 1:33am on the 4th September.

The swim lasted 46 hours and 13 minutes! The team had to deal with difficult tides and choppy waters throughout, with the final lap taking 13 hours 32 minutes because of strong tides pushing them further down the coast to complete the swim at Sandgate, Folkestone rather than back in Dover.

The distance travelled by the Ricks team over the 46 hours was almost 200 Kilometres, well over 100
miles nautical miles. In taking on this challenge, the team have so far raised£6,500 for their two chosen charities, British Heart Foundations & Marine Conservation Society.